An inside look at defending Kendal Briles’ veer and shoot offense

Kendal Briles runs an uptempo veer and shoot offense.

Secondary play is key in defending vertical passes with wide receivers split from field numbers to field numbers.

You do not see a lot of route combinations, so you are having to pattern match a lot of stuff in practice to get your guys used to split tails, route combinations that you are going to see week in and week out from normal offenses — and then the tempo. Defenses line up and have to change play calls and try to adapt to Briles’ system to one word play calls, you can go just as fast as them — one word play calls, one signal and you have to roll because they go fast.

When it comes to linebacker play defending Briles’ offense, the MIKE, WILL and SAM have to be versatile, disciplined and have good instincts.

Defenses have to decide what they want to do, figuring out if you want to keep six guys in the box, to keep your overhangs out there for all of the RPOs, are you going to fit the gap fast, are you going to bounce for the RPO — what are you going to do?

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