Breaking down Eliah Drinkwitz’s offense

Eliah Drinkwitz’s offense features a physical and downhill running game.

It is an offense that has run constraints to balance the number of defenders, that can immediately defend the run with the number of defenders a scheme can control — either by blocking, reading or influencing.

Drinkwitz has a way of emphasizing with the guys upfront and trying to loosen up the box.

His offensive system compliments a physical downhill running game with various perimeter plays, highlighted by motions and screens.

Bubble screen — reading the SAM linebacker blitzing and throwing in open space to the slot on the field side.

Hitches — In man coverage, two inside receivers are thrown to with screens in the flats.

Now screen — A boundary side screen to a receiver in the slot, in motion or in trips.

Orbit — A wide receiver motions into the backfield, becoming a pitch option in the running game.

Shoot screen — A screen from the backfield that can be seen in a diamond formation.

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